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Chinese massage in tallinn

Chinese Massage is an inseparable part of Chinese Medicine; it influences human physical body as well as energetic. The massage helps to balance our organism as a whole; it improves the immune system and strengthens power of resistance, clears channels and improves blood circulation. The following expressions are used in Chinese Medicine – heat, cold, dryness, moisture (humidity), wind, discontinue, energy.

Connection between Blood and Body Fluid

The features of blood Qi and body fluid are different, form and functions, but there are also similarities. Firstly, both are fundamental materials of human body and both secure organism’s continuous activity. Secondly, both spring from food. Thirdly, their existence is dependent on the other and they are influenced by one another. In conclusion, as they both influence one another there is an incentive connection of pathological field. Therefore, it is important to consider the connection between blood and body fluid if dealing with illnesses which are related to them.

Connection between Qi and Blood

Qi belongs to Yang and has a warming function; whereas blood belongs to Yin and has a nutritious function. There lies the difference between Qi and blood. The connection between Qi and blood is very tight, so Qi is the “Commander” of blood and blood is Qi’s “Mother”. This can be explained as follows.

Blood production (hematopoiesis) – Qi is the main force in blood production (hematopoiesis). Qi is irreplaceable when liquid and blood become food essence; thereafter the food essence turns into nutritious Qi and body fluid; the nutritious Qi and body fluid turn into red blood; blood will come from life essence and marrow will transform into blood. The above mentioned functions of Qi are realised mainly by respective internal organs and heart function. If Qi is sufficient the internal organs and heart function well and the ability of hematopoiesis is strong. If Qi is insufficient functioning of internal organs and heart will be weakened and the hematopoiesis will be affected alike. Therefore, deficiency of Qi will often result in deficiency of blood.

In our climate we face harming factors such as; the cold, humidity, wind, as well as stress, over work, wrong eating habits and excessive usage of medicaments. The modern lifestyle causes cease of energy in our organism and thereby massage has a significant role in preventing illnesses as well as in treating already existing problems.

Our clients are from all ages and professions and over the years we have established a large clientele, which proves to say that we have been able to help them with their problems and improve their quality of life.